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Bridge the Communication Gap Between The Field and Your Back Office

Tools and services to organize your finances and understand your cash flow

Pay Bills on Time || Win More Bids || Get a Line of Credit

Struggling to Keep Up with Your Financials?

When you run a construction business, your days are spent in the field, not behind a desk. It's necessary, but it makes communication with the back office tough. 


  • You can't access your accounting software on your mobile device. 

  • You're struggling to get necessary information and receipts to your team in a timely manner.

  • You’re trying to pay subcontractors on the fly, but have to drive to the office to get a check. 


That’s a stressful way to run a business. 


You should have the systems in place to know your numbers, make informed financial decisions and improve your cash flow.

Know Your Numbers. Improve Your Cash Flow.

Get excited about saving money on construction taxes

Communication breakdowns impact the overall financial health of your business. You don't have a good grasp on your numbers. You're surviving job to job. Your business decisions are based on good guesses, not actual financial data.


With first-hand knowledge of the construction industry and a deep understanding of taxes and finances, construction accountant Timothy Wingate Jr. provides tools, advice and financial guidance so you have a firm grasp on your finances and improve your cash flow.


You deserve to have a business that’s profitable year after year. 

Build Your Business on a Solid Financial Foundation

Just as you invest in tools to improve the quality of your work, you have to invest in tools that improve your business.

Tax Services + Tax Debt Relief

Whether you’ve received a tax bill from the IRS or simply want to reduce how much you should be paying the IRS, we can help. We make sure you avoid any tax penalties while determining the best way to reduce your overall tax burden. 

Accounting + Bookkeeping

When your bookkeeping is organized, your business is more profitable. We implement simple systems so you can easily track expenses and invoices. With accurate reporting, you're job-costing each project with greater accuracy. 

Advice + Guidance

Don’t make critical business decisions on your own. Turn to a trusted accountant who truly understands the ins and outs of running a construction business. Spend your hard-earned money wisely so your business grows. 

These Clients Traded Pressure for Profits

Stop constantly worrying about overdue taxes, how to make payroll, or whether you're pricing jobs correctly. 

Our experience with this firm has been phenomenal. They've exceeded our expectations and I would recommend them to any construction company needing construction accounting services. Our lives have totally changed since hiring G+F. We are able to sleep at night and not worry about payroll, subcontractors' payments, IRS issues, etc.

Javin Walker

President/General Contractor

2 SBW & Associates Inc.

Learn more about Construction Accountant Timothy Wingate Jr.jpg

Meet Timothy Wingate
Your Construction Accountant 

My father owned a general contracting business in Florida, and I worked alongside him for many years. I saw the sacrifices he made to keep the business running. Everyone was depending on him. That pressure can get overwhelming at times. But you don’t have to go it alone. 

You have access to a trusted adviser who will craft the blueprint you need to set up your business for financial success. I can’t wait to work alongside you to grow your construction business (minus all the pressure). 

  • Licensed Enrolled Agent authorized to practice before the IRS

  • Member: Associated General Contractors of America Florida East Coast Chapter

  • QuickBooks Online Certified ProAdvisor


Communication + Efficiencies = A Winning Business

Take the first step toward running your business confidently and profitably. Let us solve the communication gap between the field and your back office.

Schedule a virtual meeting with a construction accountant

1. Schedule A Call

We'll talk about your business and current financial challenges.

Get you construction financial blueprint

2. Get Your Financial Blueprint

After you provide some basic financial documents, I'll assess your company's financial health and create a blueprint with recommendations and next steps.

Learn how to grow your construction company

3. Build a Profitable Business

With the right tools and a trusted adviser, you'll be able to make more money on each project.

Don’t make critical business decisions hoping there’s money in the bank. Book a call today and get your business on solid financial footing.

Download your Construction Bond Checklist

Land Better Jobs and Create A More Financially Stable Construction Company: Your Construction Bond Checklist

Construction Bond Checklist
Schedule a Call with a Construction Accountant

Why You Need a Construction Accountant?

We know the construction industry inside and out. The financial tools and systems we use make your job easier. Your financial software integrates with your project management software. You can approve payments and upload receipts from your phone. 


We’ve even created a custom spreadsheet to calculate how many jobs you need per month to cover your expenses. 


With that level of organization and data, your business can be profitable. 


  • Increase your cash flow. 

  • Make more informed decisions. 

  • Create competitive bid packages and win more jobs. 

  • Apply for (and get!) a line of credit. 

  • Know when to invest in marketing, hiring and equipment.

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