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Construction Bookkeeping

Improve your construction in-progress reporting with better organized finances.

Tools and Expertise to Streamline Your Construction Bookkeeping

Many contractors struggle to maintain a profitable business despite working six days a week. They lose sleep at night wondering whether their current project is actually making money or if they’ll have enough cash in the bank to cover payroll.  


That’s no way to live.


With an organized bookkeeping system, you can build a more profitable construction business.

Contractors Need Accurate Reporting to Secure Quality Projects


When your bookkeeping is organized, your business is more profitable. At G+F, we implement simple systems so you can easily track expenses and invoices. With accurate reporting, you're job-costing each project with greater precision.

Instead of stressing over each dollar, feel confident each job is generating the profits you need to build a successful construction business. 

Boost Your Profits, Improve Construction In-Progress Reporting

Work with construction online accountants who truly understands the ins and outs of your business.

Pay vendors, workers, and subcontractors on time.

Develop more accurate job cost reports and estimates.

Avoid overpaying in taxes.

Have enough cash in the bank to cover payroll and expenses.

Track expenses so you have an accurate picture of your costs versus profits. 

Get expert advice on how to build a more profitable contracting business. 

Trust Your Bookkeeping and Accounting to a Professional 

It might seem easier or less expensive to let a family member or friend handle your bookkeeping. But is that person truly qualified to oversee all the accounting for your business? Don’t risk unintentional errors or issues that can put your business in jeopardy.

Here’s what you get with a construction accountant on your team.

Use the right accounting method for the best tax outcome.

Streamline your processes.

Record transactions and other information correctly. 

Feel confident in the accuracy of your bookkeeping. ​

Have financial data at your fingertips.


Ready to Keep More of Your Hard-Earned Money? 

Schedule a virtual meeting with a construction accountant

1. Schedule A Call

We'll talk about your business and current financial challenges.

Get you construction financial blueprint

2. Get Your Financial Blueprint

After you provide some basic financial documents, I'll assess your company's financial health and create a blueprint with recommendations and next steps.

Learn how to grow your construction company

3. Build a Profitable Business

With the right tools and a trusted adviser, you'll be able to make more money on each project.

A business that’s on solid financial footing has greater access to bank loans and bonding for larger projects. If that sounds like just what you need, book a call today.

Learn more about Construction Accountant Timothy Wingate Jr.jpg

Meet Timothy Wingate
Your Construction Accountant 

I know you want to be an organized and profitable business owner. That means you need a better understanding of the company’s finances. Without proper job costing, you have no idea if your projects are making or losing money. 

You’re working six days a week, yet the business is just getting by. Everyone is depending on you and the pressure to keep the business moving forward feels overwhelming. 

Stop struggling and instead build a business that’s profitable year after year.

Download your Construction Bond Checklist

Land Better Jobs and Create A More Financially Stable Construction Company: Your Construction Bond Checklist

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