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Financial Advisory Services for Contractors 

Guidance to help you win more business and make more money 

Don’t Make Critical Business Decisions on Your Own

Every business owner needs someone to turn to for advice. 

Without proper guidance and financial insights, you run the risk of making costly and time-consuming errors. 


You should have access to an advisor who understands the construction industry and can truly help you build a more profitable business. 

Spend Your Hard-Earned Money Wisely 


You may be considering hiring more staff, expanding to a second location or investing in additional equipment. Who can help you think through all the financial implications of big business decisions? 

With G+F on your team, you have a trusted online accountant who truly understands the ins and outs of running a construction business. Armed with complete financial information, we can give you the very best advice for how to grow your business. 

Build Your Business the Smart and Sustainable Way 

Construction online accountants can help you think strategically about your business today and tomorrow.


Plan for the future and avoid pitfalls that can be devastating to a contracting business. 

Advice + Guidance

Break down the numbers and data. 

Understand how today’s market is impacting your business. 

Look critically at job cost reports, expenses and taxes.

Make smarter business decisions.

Take part in regular review meetings for brainstorming and accountability.

Budgets + Forecasts

Know how much money you need to set aside for emergencies.

Create better project estimates. 

Job cost your projects with precision and accuracy.

Identify areas of overspending or waste. 

Develop a company budget with an eye toward future growth.

If you’ve been looking for someone to give you straight answers and solid business advice, you’ve come to the right place. Don’t make another decision without the guidance of a construction online accountant. 

Get the Guidance You Need to Have a Profitable Construction Business 

At G+F, we can provide advice on a wide range of financial topics. We want to partner with you, so you feel confident in each and every business decision you make. 


We help you map out the bank financing process so you get funded and can expand your operations.


Have you secured the best insurance premium possible? It never hurts to take a second look. 


Let’s craft a strategy so you enjoy your retirement years without financial stress. 

Real Estate Taxes

Real estate investing can add a lot of passive income to your bank account - if it's done right.

Business Taxes

We monitor tax changes and create strategies to help you reduce your tax liability. 

State Taxes

We understand state tax law and can find specific credits and deductions to lower your tax bill. 

Family Taxes

No one wants to overpay the IRS. Let G+F help you determine the right tax strategy for your family. 


Ready to Keep More of Your Hard-Earned Money? 

Schedule a virtual meeting with a construction accountant

1. Schedule A Call

We'll talk about your business and current financial challenges.

Get you construction financial blueprint

2. Get Your Financial Blueprint

After you provide some basic financial documents, I'll assess your company's financial health and create a blueprint with recommendations and next steps.

Learn how to grow your construction company

3. Build a Profitable Business

With the right tools and a trusted adviser, you'll be able to make more money on each project.

A business that’s on solid financial footing has greater access to bank loans and bonding for larger projects. If that sounds like just what you need, book a call today.

Learn more about Construction Accountant Timothy Wingate Jr.jpg

Meet Timothy Wingate
Your Construction Accountant 

I know you want to be an organized and profitable business owner. That means you need a better understanding of the company’s finances. Without proper job costing, you have no idea if your projects are making or losing money. 

You’re working six days a week, yet the business is just getting by. Everyone is depending on you and the pressure to keep the business moving forward feels overwhelming. 

Stop struggling and instead build a business that’s profitable year after year.

Download your Construction Bond Checklist

Land Better Jobs and Create A More Financially Stable Construction Company: Your Construction Bond Checklist

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