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Self Employed Tax Preparation Services

Tax preparation and strategies for professionals 

No One Wants to Overpay the IRS

You’re a professional, not a tax expert. When you’re not experienced in tax laws, you wind up paying too much in taxes or receive a penalty from the IRS.

You don’t want to mess with either of those! 


Self employed tax preparation services help you reduce your overall tax burden. When you keep more of your hard-earned money, you can build a more profitable self employed business.  

The Right Tools So Professionals Save on Taxes


At G+F, we make sure your taxes are filed correctly and on time so you avoid penalties or interest payments. Plus, we ensure your taxes are as low as possible under current tax laws. 

When you’re not worried about tax filings, you can focus on building a financially solid self employed business. And with solid financial footing, you can access loans and bonding for better-quality jobs.

Self Employed Tax Preparation Services to Save You Time and Money 

You need someone who understands professionals and can help you avoid the headaches of managing your own taxes. 

Avoid tax surprises and penalties.

Pay less in taxes this year. 

Align your business and personal taxes for maximum opportunities.

Plan ahead to take advantage of all tax deductions and credits. 

Save countless hours trying to do your taxes yourself. 

Access our secure online portal to upload documents electronically to save time.

Advice and Strategies to Manage Your Self Employed Business Taxes

State Tax Advisory

Work with an accountant who understands state tax law and is looking for state-specific credits and deductions to lower your tax bill. 

Business Tax Advisory

Because we know self-employed taxes, we can monitor the latest tax rules and create strategies to help you reduce your tax liability. 

Why not keep more of your hard-earned money in the bank! 

Get self employed tax preparation services designed for your specific business needs. 

These Clients Traded Frustration for Clarity

Stop constantly worrying about overdue taxes, how to prepare taxes, or whether you're maximizing your tax savings. 


Ready to Keep More of Your Hard-Earned Money? 


1. Schedule A Call

We'll talk about your business and current tax preparation needs.


2. Scan Your Documents for Review

After you provide your tax documents, I'll assess your tax needs and create a proposal with recommendations and next steps.


3. Build a Successful Self Employed Business

With the right tools and a trusted adviser, you'll be able to increase your tax savings.

A business that’s on solid financial footing has greater access to bank loans and larger self employed contracts. If that sounds like just what you need, book a call today.

Learn more about Construction Accountant Timothy Wingate Jr.jpg

Meet Timothy Wingate
Your Self Employed Tax Accountant 

I know you want to be an organized and profitable business owner. That means you need a better understanding of the business accounting and taxes. Without proper tax planning, you have no idea of how much money you could save on your taxes. 

Every year you're trying to handle preparing taxes yourself, yet you don't understand if you are doing the best thing for your self employed business. You are tired of feeling overwhelmed and unsure if you are preparing your taxes properly. 

Stop struggling doing this on your own and instead get with a tax professional who can help you maximize your tax savings.

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