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Get Professional Help Resolving Issues with the IRS

Tax debt relief services for individuals and businesses

Have You Received an IRS Letter in the Mail?

Few things strike fear in the heart of individuals and business owners like a notice from the IRS or your state Department of Revenue.

  • Overdue property taxes

  • IRS or state audits

  • Payroll tax penalties

  • Behind on state payments

  • Fees for late tax filings


A letter from the IRS or the state is stressful. Don't try to figure it out on your own. Call on a professional with the expertise to help you resolve tax debt

Get the Best Resolution Possible for Your Tax Debt

Tax issues have the potential to become bigger, more expensive issues. Work with a professional who can review your situation and provide a plan that helps you avoid even more penalties and problems. 

Get professional advice on how best to handle a notice from the IRS.

Let a Licensed Enrolled Agent represent you before the IRS.

Save time and money by consulting with a professional who understands tax law.

Avoid the stress of trying to navigate tax regulations on your own.

Don't try to solve a complicated tax problem on your own. One misstep could cost you thousands of dollars.

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Meet Timothy Wingate
Licensed Enrolled Agent

I'm a Licensed Enrolled Agent authorized to practice before the IRS. This means I can handle all aspects of your case and negotiate with the IRS on your behalf. 

Don't ignore a notice from the IRS or try to handle it on your own. The IRS has the power to freeze your business bank accounts, meaning you won't be able to pay your employees. The IRS can put a lien on your home or building so you're not able to sell it or refinance until the taxes are paid.
My goal is for you to pay the least amount of taxes as possible. Let's get this issue resolved so you can get back to your life and business. 



Ready to Stop Stressing Over that Notice from the IRS?

Schedule a virtual meeting with a construction accountant

1. Schedule A Call

Let's review your tax situation.

Get-an-IRS-payment-plan for your construction company.jpg

2. Get A Plan Forward

I'll create a plan for how to handle the IRS and get your taxes paid. 


3. Rest Easy

With a trusted professional working on your behalf, you have the peace of mind knowing this tax debt will be resolved.

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